大角拓央 – Takuo Osumi –

  • Et beatus est  1200×800mm 木炭・金錠

  • Purple atmosphere  1800×900mm 木炭・金錠

  • 兆(きざし- Kizashi)   350×900mm 木炭・金錠

  • 屹/漂/垂(Kistu/Hyo/Sui)   各300×700mm  木炭・金錠

大角拓央 – Takuo Osumi –

木炭画 – Charcoal painting –








He mainly draws works with animals and plants, hand movements, and pan-Asian religious views and philosophies as motifs. Psychology learned at university has a great impact on life, and when drawing a picture, it is very important to be aware that there is a viewer. There are two painting materials, charcoal and gold tablets (gold paint used for sutra copying). he thinks that drawing in monotone of charcoal is a means of communication that leaves a margin for imagining color to the viewer. Gold expresses light, and it is interesting to have a visual effect on charcoal depending on the time, place, and angle of viewing. He is aiming to sympathize with past experiences and hearts, such as emphasizing a part to make the whole imagination, or showing the color in memory in black and white monotone.