加治聖哉 - Seiya kaji

  • 「神籬」 3870×1510×1180mm

  • 「甚兵衛鮫」 9130x2400x5800mm

  • 「麒麟」 3580×2260×1420mm

  • 「水蛸」 1360×1000×1470mm

加治聖哉 - Seiya kaji

廃材再生アート - Wood scpap upcycling Art












He is a artist who creates life-sized creatures using waste materials discarded at construction sites with the concept of “breathing life once again into waste materials that have served their purpose and died.”

Waste materials are filled with people’s thoughts and stories.

Inheriting the footsteps of people who treasured wood scraps, we intentionally use scrap wood without polishing it, inheriting the thoughts of those who provided the wood. He creates his works with the hope that they will lead to the awareness and imagination of those who view them.

By achieving excellent strength and beauty through carefully calculated skeletal proportions, the work is transformed into an animal with circulating blood, contracting muscles, and fluttering fur.

One of his masterpieces, “Himorogi,” has become a hot topic on social media as an art piece that people can ride on.

His dynamic works have been exhibited at events around the country and abroad as well as at the Echigo-Tsumari Art Festival in his hometown of Niigata, and have been featured in various magazines and garnered attention from the media.






继承寄宿于废旧木材中的人们的轨迹,他故意按原样使用废木而不对其进行抛光,继承提供木材的人的思想。 他创作他的作品,希望它们能引起观看者的意识和想象力。