升田学 – Manabu Masuda – 作品の販売ページ>>

  • 再生-眠る女- ワイヤードローイング 780×1800mm

  • 7㎡ ワイヤーインスタレーション (伊丹市立工芸センター地下1階 サンクンガーデンにて)

  • CLOUD LINE 記憶|僧  ワイヤードローイング  930×1250mm

  • 阿弥陀如来座像  ワイヤー彫刻/立体

升田学 – Manabu Masuda – 作品の販売ページ>>

ワイヤーアート – Wire art







A spatial collage of a two-dimensional approach like a painting and a three-dimensional approach like a sculpture that makes a single wire in the manner of a single stroke.

Since it is only a line, you can capture the background, and you can create multiple shadows by using lighting. You can feel the reality and life between the lines drawn by the wire.

He is good at humorous works that are incorporated into a corner of life and that you can enjoy adding color to your daily life with wire lines.

He also makes use of the 6x7m ceiling atrium space to perform installations that involve the situation, such as the installation exhibition “Esoragoto” with the sky as a backdrop.On the other hand, he is also active as a dancer.