ベリーマキコ – Makiko Berry – 作品の販売ページ>>

  • 花ガアル場所 ー 岩絵具・墨・色鉛筆・クレヨン・高知麻紙  1120 ×1620mm

  • ハジマル / PEACE ー 岩絵具・水干絵具・墨・膠・高知麻紙

  • Reincarnacion(転生)  ー 岩絵具・水干絵具・高知麻紙 1120×1620mm

  • 寸劇  — 岩絵具・水干絵具・墨・高知麻紙

ベリーマキコ – Makiko Berry – 作品の販売ページ>>

日本画 – Japanease painting –









Makiko Berry draws Japanese paintings while learning from nature and people every day, using the scenes and experiences she encounters in her daily life as motifs. The characteristics that she draws are created from her unique perspective on the relationship between human society and nature from her sharp observation eye growing up as a child of nature. After engaging in restoration at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, she places the priority of her creation on expression, which is not only based on logic but on forms born from intuition and feeling. Her suggestive and mysterious forms appear and disappear in the picture, but she always expresses them naturally and honestly.And there is a deep prayer in her message to the earth. The colors and shapes move freely, and the innocent portrayals are filled with spirituality and connected to a deep love for humanity.




Makiko Berry以日常生活中遇到的场景和体验为主题,每天向自然与人家学习,画日式画。